Sunday, April 29, 2007



The Anderson Independent-Mail got a lot of mileage taking shots at the "vulgarity-laced secret-session" Anderson City Council Executive Session that was accidentally broadcast in March. So now, let us take a look at the "vulgarity-laced" online Anderson Independent-Mail.

In the Cocklebur Blog search field, under "advanced search" for the month of April, type in the following text string: porno.

Here are the results for the month of April. (Searching the entire blog would probably time out and take too long because the large number of comments like those below.)

Searched for the phrase 'porno'. Found 328 items (8.5977 seconds)
Comment Results

Title Date Author
Bahrein Sunday, April 29 2007 @ 08:04 PM GMT+4 hellbender7100
gibby Sunday, April 29 2007 @ 07:32 PM GMT+4 adoptive1096
dipping Sunday, April 29 2007 @ 07:26 PM GMT+4 flexible3179
burglarproof Sunday, April 29 2007 @ 05:52 PM GMT+4 manning304
...and so forth and so on.

Here is an example of what is on the Cocklebur Blog, a section of the Anderson Independent-Mail (hyperlinks to websites excluded):

Authored by: hellbender7100 on Sunday, April 29 2007 @ 08:04 PM GMT+4
sadomasoquista - user rating fisting sex fisting video copyright © more tracked from gay bizarre gay sm pics - bondage and san francisco sex stories amateur gay sex pictures gay hardcore shaving your pubic hair - head shaved *censored* *censored* this article shaved shaved shaved *censored* shaved boob squad.......
( goes on, but you get the idea.)

And here is a letter that has been mailed out:


Newspaper "clippings"

Offensive newspaper "clippings"

More offensive newspaper "clippings"

Are we to believe that not one person at this newspaper noticed that an average of ten of these comments were posted each day (328 in the month of April)? Perhaps they were too busy writing the Faith and Values section of that newspaper to act responsibly and address the smut.

Someone at the Anderson Indepentent-Mail needs to clean up this website ..... or clean out their desk.

Below is the response from Nick Charalambous, Cocklebur Blog moderator and and Editor at the Anderson Independent-Mail

Wednesday, May 02 2007 @ 02:42 PM GMT+4

Everyone: Cackalacky, as usual, wants a service that he isn't willing to pay for. Trying to stop spam bots is a 24/7 job, and no one does it brilliantly. I've been busting my gut for nearly a year to try and transition to a new platform to make you all happy, and I'm in Knoxville, TN, as we speak, so that we can figure out a transition.

There is going to be a solution to this. It may not be perfect, but it will be as good as I can make it with the money and expertise at my disposal as Web director for the Independent-Mail.

Apologies. But please, if you know there's spam on the Web sites inner pages, please don't go there. As long as the forums are fine and the front page, we can still be in business.

Thanks s much.


In others words, it is business as usual for now, at the Anderson Independent-Mail. The dirty words and porno links stay. Just ignore them.

It seems that other newpapers do a much better job at moderating their blogs. It also seems that one year is more than enough time for a professional news organization to get a handle on their website.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006



What exactly is it about the above statement that they do not understand? We have concluded an election. In this election, the citizens of South Carolina have seen the workings of out of state, political ideologues who have too much money, too much time on their hands, and no consideration for those children and their families who would bear the consequences of their failed social experiments. These meddlesome and moneyed interests have come into our state, quite unwelcome. We shall call them Vouchers, Incorporated.

Vouchers, Inc., each and every one of them, should be taken to the wood shed on the Hill and given the good, hard, butt whippin' that they all deserve. And where is this wood shed, and on which Hill does it stand? The wood shed resides in the halls of the United States Congress. The Hill is Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

It is suggested that one of the first items of business for our newly elected Congress to be a series of Congressional hearings to investigate the activities of Vouchers, Inc. The efforts of Vouchers,Inc. to defund, and thereby destabilized, public education are national in scope. They are connected in a subterranean, opaque web of influence across the country. They flaunt and circumvent our campaign finance laws, and make a mockery of our democratic election process. What they are attempting to pass for education reform is analogous to kicking the crutches out from under the handicapped......for sport. The social policy of Voucher's, Inc. can best be summed up in three, simple words: Sink or Swim.

For an entity that is comprised of people who are business leaders, it is truly amazing to see how little those individuals, the ones who are driving Vouchers, Inc., really know about applying common business principles to reforming a social program such a public education. It is very apparent that their goal is to cut and eliminate resources without providing better alternatives for our children. It is ironic that it is business leaders who are driving policies that will result in schools producing a future workforce that will be less qualified to meet the needs of businesses.

As part of the leadership of the new Congress, it is suggested that South Carolina U.S. Congressmen Clyburn and Spratt invite Vouchers, Inc. to the wood shed on the Hill to testify before members of Congress and the American people. Invite them all. Let us see and hear Howard Rich, Dennis Sinned, Randy Page, Joshua Gross, and others in monologueon C-SPAN. Invite them all. Let us see and hear them explain how the destabilization of the public school system in America serves the needs of our country.

If you would like to send them to the wood shed on the Hill, then contact the Congressmen:

Washington Office:
2135 Rayburn House Office Building - Washington, 20515
Phone: (202)225-3315 - Fax: (202) 225-2313

Columbia Office:
1703 Gervais Street - Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: (803)799-1100 - Fax: (803) 799-9060

Florence Office:
Business & Technology Center 181 East Evans St., 314
Florence, SC 29506 Phone: (843)662-1212 - Fax: (843) 662-8474

Santee Office:
8833 Old Number Six Highway Santee, SC 29142
Phone: (803)854-4700 - Fax: (803) 854-4900

Washington Office:
1401 Longworth Bldg.Washington, DC 20515
Phone (202) 225-5501 - Fax: (202) 225-0464

Rock Hill Office:
201 E. Main Street, Suite 305 Rock Hill, SC 29730
Phone (803) 327-1114 - Fax: (803) 327-4330

Sumter Office:
707 Bultman Drive Sumter, SC 29150
Phone (803) 773-3362 - Fax: (803) 773-7662

Darlington Office:
88 Public SquareDarlington, SC 29532
Phone (843) 393-3998 - Fax: (843) 393-8060

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Democracy is 73.387 % Dead in South Carolina

After more than a year of squabbling over this low life politician and that no count politician, all of this squabling seemed to have missed one small point.

Representative democracy is 73.387% dead in the South Carolina State House. Therefore, things are not likely to change that much in the SC General Assembly.

In this Election Year of our Lord, 2006, 91 out or the 124 election contests for SC Statehouse Representative are uncontested. There is only one candidate on the ballot for those House Districts.

So, exactly who is Missing In Action from this year's State House Ballot?

Democrats are absent from the State House Ballot in 54 of 124 State House races for an MIA rate of 43.548%.

Republican are absent from the State House Ballot in 36 of 124 State House races for an MIA rate of 29.032%.

Since you need two candidate to have a real election, that means that Representative Democracy is effectively dead in most of South Carolina; 91/124 is 73.387% dead, to be exactly. Just browse on over to the fake ballots below to take a look.

So, what's the poor voter to do?

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